U8 – Marketing and Communication

U8 Session 5:
Verbal Communication

U8 - Marketing and communicationObjectives:

Trainees …

  • know elements of discussion techniques.
  • know different types of clients and their different needs.
  • can explain the advantages and properties of strawbale building.
  • can communicate with the other partners.
  • can organize and lead a building site meeting.
  • can explain an offer.
  • can negotiate with the client.


  • verbal communication with different supports
  • group work and roleplay


  • Identifying your clients
  • Talking to clients
  • Negotiation


  • E1: Discuss as a group the main reasons for using straw as a building material, and for using one company above another.
  • E2: Trainees split into groups and go through a list of questions that they might be asked by the client. They decide what their response would be; whether they can answer them on the spot or whether they would need time to form an answer and what information they would need to do this and where this information can be found. The class then comes back together to discuss the possible answers.
  • E3: Roleplay investigating responses to different types of client. The trainees are given a choice of different scenarios in which they take turns to play the part of the client or the clay plaster expert. A third trainee observes their role play and aids the discussion at the end.

Materials/Documents: U8 S5 – Session Plan

Training Time: 4 hours