U8 – Marketing and Communication

U8 Session 3:

U8 - Marketing and communicationObjectives:

Trainees …

  • understand the need for corporate identity development.
  • can identify elements of a corporate identity.
  • can shape a corporate identity.


  • lecture with overhead projector (verbal explanation)
  • discussion
  • exercise with sample materials


  • ice-breaker exercise
  • introduction: developing a definition of corporate identity
  • practical tips for applying a corporate identity: correspondence, business cards, printed publications, presentations, webpages and references


  • Game exercise: try to develop a simple corporate identity of your own (colour[s], logo[s], etc.). Draw it, paint it, and afterwards explain it to others. Point out the most important elements of corporate identity for you.

Materials/Documents: U8 S3 – Session Plan

Training Time: 2 hours