U8 – Marketing and Communication

U8 Session 1:
The Market

U8 - Marketing and communicationObjectives:

Trainees …

  • know different possibilities of operating in a market (organizational).
  • can name key market factors relevant when launching a new business venture.
  • know ways of researching a market (customers, suppliers, competitors).
  • can manage the quality of their service, can receive and process feedback from customers.


  • lecture, talk
  • discussion: interaction with trainees, drawing on their work experience and general knowledge


  • group exercise: find out what the market is
  • introduction to the marketing module: content of the course
  • determination of demands: straw builder and the market
  • market research
  • regional development
  • quality of services
  • suppliers
  • lifelong learning


  • Trainees are asked to search for the key words connected to the theme of marketing, for example: clients, suppliers, demand and quality. The trainer moderates a brainstorming session. Results are written down. Pin flipchart papers on the wall after completing the exercise.

Materials/Documents: U8 S1 – Session Plan

Training Time: 3 hours