U7 – Concept for the House Units/Module

U7 – Concept for the House /
Design and Maintenance

U7 - Concept for the house - design and MaintenanceKnowledge

Trainees …

  • understand the main concept of the building (purpose, main structure: foundation, walls, openings and roof),
  • know general principles of sustainable design (external influences: location, climate, shape, … energy saving, building materials), requirements for healthy environment, inner climate, [Level 4]
  • are familiar with different measurement for environ­mental impact (ecological foot print, building biology, life cycle management …), [Level 4]
  • know criteria of national standards for sustainable houses, p.ex: Passive house concept, Bioclimatic house in FR, Minergie in CH, etc… Solar and internal gains, insulation, windows, reduction of thermal bridges, airtightness, natural or mechanical ventilation, shading in summer, use of thermal mass, [Level 4]
  • know criteria for choosing building materials (sustainability, embodied energy, CO₂ eq., healthy, price, cradle to cradle concept, social aspect), [Level 4]
  • know how to read plans and technical details (meaning of different line types, floor plan, sections),
  • know different heating systems, its advantages and disadvantages (emissions, CO₂, renewable, …), [Level 4]
  • know principles how to provide inner climate comfort in winter and summer (cooling systems),
  • know principles of house infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage) and know the specific requirements for straw bale houses,
  • are aware of most common faults of SB construc­tion, its damages and its cause, [Level 4]
  • are aware of different life duration of the construction parts and their maintenance intervals. [Level 4]


Trainees can …

  • read and understand a plan with all technical details,
  • sketch basic house design, using correct dimensions, [Level 4]
  • execute details of house design following the drawing,
  • integrate other crafts and service installation of the house (plumbing, electrics, etc.),
  • repair damages of the house,
  • know steps and principles how to repair most common faults and damages of SB construction.


Trainees can …

  • understand general principles of ecological design,
  • know national building laws and apply it in practice, [Level 4]
  • evaluate and choose suitable building materials and systems and know when and how to ask experts, [Level 4]
  • suggest suitable heating and cooling systems and know when and how to ask experts, [Level 4]
  • analyse and repair damages of the house and know when and how to ask experts,
  • work in teams.

U7 Learning Outcome – Level 3 | ECVET credit points: included in other units
U7 Learning Outcome – Level 4 | ECVET credit points: 7

U7 Session 1: House Design 2 days
U7 Session 2: House Installation 2-3 days
U7 Session 3: Repair and Maintenance 1 day

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