U8 – Marketing and Communication

U8 Session 4:
Cost, Pricing and Contracts

U8 - Marketing and communicationObjectives:

Trainees …

  • can convey the basics of legally binding action and freedom of building contracts.
  • know the legal consequences in building law.
  • can convey the basics of cost calculation.
  • can convey the basics of tender.


  • lecture with overhead projector
  • discussion and verbal explanation


  • Basic principles of:
  • contractually relevant rules
  • forms and types of building contracts/assignments
  • termination of building contracts
  • form and implication of acceptance
  • tolerance in constructions
  • deficiency and its legal consequences
  • consequences of disruption and delay
  • factors in price calculation and pricing: general pricing, contractors’ costs, cost of the product
  • sampling in constructions
  • EU law and national conversion


  • Participants will be given cards with key words and will be asked to mindmap “hourly wages” and to assign the terms
  • Participants will practice acceptance in a role play game
  • Participants will be asked to communicate their own experience regarding rebate with their neighbour, group discussion of the result

Materials/Documents: U8 S4 – Session Plan

Training Time: 6 hours