U8 – Marketing and Communication

U8 Session 2:
Marketing Strategy

U8 - Marketing and communicationObjectives:

Trainees …

  • know how and why to develop marketing objectives and strategies.
  • know how to develop and write a complete marketing plan.
  • know how to provide an interdisciplinary environment for the generation of creative ideas in marketing.
  • know how to provide sufficient analytic skills for evaluation (and implementation) of these ideas.
  • can find the connections to other building companies needed before and after the strawbale work and make a cooperation with them (e.g. by advertising each other).


  • lecture with overhead projector
  • discussion
  • verbal explanations with different supports: videos, websites, printed flyers, etc.


  • Definition of Promotional Strategies
  • promotion as a main aspect of marketing
  • promotional plan or promotional mix
  • What is a promotional plan?
  • effective promotional tactics: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity or public relations
  • promotional techniques: introductory exercise
  • Advertising Media and Techniques
  • ice breaker exercise
  • advertising media: billboards, printed flyers, tv, etc.
  • advertising techniques: repetition, bandwagon, testimonials, pressure


  • Divide into groups; each group could be a building company in need for each others services. Try to define how you’ll cooperate during the building process.
  • Work alone and try to write down your future marketing plan. Present and discuss about it in a group.

Materials/Documents: U8 S2 – Session Plan

Training Time: 3 hours