U6 – Building Physics / Sustainability

U6 – Session 8:
Environmental Sustainability

U6 – Building Physics and SustainabilityObjectives:

  • PEI, CO₂ storage capacity of straw compared to other building matters (Baubook, acidification)
  • different land use causing of different traffic solutions plus energy consumption
  • footprint for housing and traffic
  • importance of ecological performance in globalized world / climate
  • can compare the footprint of a straw building compared with conventional building techniques
  • energy and material consumption for the building process
  • life cycle tools (i.e. eco2 soft)


  • lectures, exercises, workshop, world café


  • lectures, charts, …


  • world café
  • internet research
  • compare and evaluate PEI of different building methods
  • CO₂ calculation of different materials
  • select and evaluate materials due to their ecological performance

Materials/Documents: U6 S8 – Session Plan

Info Sheets:

Training Time: 8 hours