U6 – Building Physics / Sustainability

U6 – Session 4:

U6 – Building Physics and SustainabilityObjectives:

  • acoustic phenomena and principles of sound transmission by air, liquids and solid material
  • difference between different phenomena’s airborne noise and impact sound pressure
  • protection against airborne noise and weighted normalized impact sound pressure level
  • effects of mass and decoupling of layers of building parts on noise reduction
  • examples for building parts and their sound reducing capacity


  • lectures, exercises, workshop


  • lectures, charts, presentations …


  • working groups with 3–4 participants working on detail examples
  • finding sound reducing values for different building parts
  • examine building regulations for acoustic measures
  • compare measured straw building components with regulations valid in your country
  • calculate specific weight of building parts (wall, roof) per m² as indicators for good or bad acoustic performance
  • calculate density of straw bales …

Materials/Documents: U6 S4 – Session Plan

Training Time: 2–3 hours