U6 – Building Physics / Sustainability

U6 – Session 2:
Heat Transfer

U6 – Building Physics and SustainabilityObjectives:

  • heat transfer and there consequences on building-elements and houses
  • forms of heat transfer (conduction, radiation, convection)
  • physical characteristics of the different materials (λ Lambda, ρ Rho)
  • thermal bridges and how to avoid them
  • effect of wind and air leaks on heat transfer


  • lectures, exercises, workshop


  • lectures, charts, presentations …


  • working groups with 3 to 4 participants working on thermal bridge, air leakage examples
  • calculate U-values with programs (www.u-wert.com)
  • explain air tightness measures on selected details
  • measuring surface temperatures on different matters (in winter)

Materials/Documents: U6 S2 – Session Plan

Training Time: 4 hours