U6 – Building Physics / Sustainability

U6 – Session 3:
Flammability and
Fire Resistance

U6 – Building Physics and SustainabilityObjectives:

  • flammability of straw
  • fire resistance of building components
  • fire tests international & national examples


  • lectures, exercises, workshop


  • lectures, charts, presentations, videos …


  • incinerate lose straw in free area and compare with pressed material
  • find fire resistance values for different constructions in web, product declarations, etc.
  • compare different building regulations on aspects of fire resistance
  • examine straw building regulations (German Strohballenbauregel, French,…) on aspects of fire resistance and safety issues
  • find admissions of your country relating to materials used in buildings …

Materials/Documents: U6 S3 – Session Plan

Training Time: 2 hours