U6 – Building Physics / Sustainability

U6 – Session 6:
Health, Comfort and
Indoor Climate

U6 – Building Physics and SustainabilityObjectives:

  • thermal comfort (radiation, temperature, air movement, …)
  • condition of personal thermal comfort due to activities and clothing (clo factor)
  • relative humidity comfort zone (winter, summer)
  • the importance and principles of cold and heat protection in winter and summer
  • capacity of straw in thermal and humidity storage (advantage improving living comfort)
  • limits of acceptable amount of draft depending on temperature
  • off-gassing of materials (VOC, MVOC)
  • relative humidity limits indoor, to prevent organic material from moulding


  • lectures, exercises, workshop


  • lectures, charts, presentations …


  • working groups with 3–4 participants working on detail examples
  • explain air-tightness measures on selected details
  • measuring surface temperatures on different materials (in winter period)
  • measuring humidity
  • detecting leakages in building elements by simple methods
  • checking glass quality of windows by mirroring a flame

Materials/Documents: U6 S6 – Session Plan

Training Time: 4 hours