U2 – Infill and Prefabrication

U2 – Session 5:
Prefabrication and Modules

Trainees …

  • know different prefabrication and modular building methods.
  • know different structural options.
  • know the dis-/advantages of every solution.
  • are aware of health and safety issues related to co-workers, building site, machinery, equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment) and the issues specific to work with straw and straw bales.
  • can organize building sites at all stages ( i.e.: take responsibility to leave the building site rain- and windproof, keep strawstacks fire protected, remove loose straw after work,…).
  • can take responsibility for the requirements of straw building in a “normal” building routine.
  • know the details (window, roof junction,… ) for prefabricated walls and modules.


  • practical training, supervising training work


  • different construction options for prefabrication and their characteristics and bale requirements
  • fixing bales with different techniques
  • compressing bales with different systems
  • advantages and disadvantages of infill contruction techniques
  • details of connections: foundation, corners, windows and doors, roof, etc.
  • preparing different surfaces for plastering
  • viewing and study of existing building samples


  • working groups
  • preparing wooden frames and structures
  • infill straw bales in standing position (“on edge”)
  • compress the bales with different techniques
  • fixing the bales in the construction
  • airtight/windproof installation of a window
  • shaving the bales, if necessary
  • preparing bales/boards for plastering

Materials/Documents: U2 S5 – Session Plan

Training Time: 2 days