U2 – Infill and Prefabrication

U2 – Session 1:
Design and Planning

U2-Infill and prefabObjectives:

Trainees …

  • have the ability to read and understand architectural plans and construction drawings
  • know how to detail windows, corners and connections to the roof and intermediate ceiling
  • know different structural Options
  • know the dis-/advantatges of every solution


  • lecture/talk
  • explanations
  • practice


  • basics of architectural plans and construction drawings
  • different structural options, characteristics and bale requirements
  • advantatges and disadvantages of different techniques
  • how to prepare a building schedule
  • how to make a cutting list
  • calculate the building costs (material, labour ,etc.)


  • Study and develop a case-study comparing the results with other trainees.


Prepare a case study for every group of trainees (2-3 persons), study it in order to be able to compare it with the results of the participants.

Materials/Documents: U2 S1 – Session Plan

Training Time: 3 days