U2 – Infill and Prefabrication

U2 – Session 8:
Timber Construction


Trainees …

  • have the ability to crosscut and connect wooden posts and beams.
  • can fix a bottomplate to the foundation, install a windowframe, make a corner and a ringbeam (for roof or intermediate ceiling).
  • can make a production planning and production drawing of a wall with windows and doors.
  • can make a production drawing of ceiling joists.
  • can calculate the amount of materials needed for a timberconstruction (bill of quantities).
  • know the details of a wall (connections foundation-wall, wall-window/door, wall-ceiling, wall-corner-wall, wall-roof).


  • lecture/talk
  • explanations
  • practice


  • structural engineering (loads/bracing)
  • wood-construction and wood-connections
  • production-planning and -drawing
  • calculation (bill of quantities)
  • details
  • calculate the building costs (material, labour, etc.)


  • working groups with 3–4 participants
  • preparing the wood frame
  • infill straw bales in standing position (“on edge”)
  • compress the bales with different techniques
  • fixing the bales in the construction
  • airtight/windproof installation of a window
  • shaving the bales, if necessary
  • preparing bales/boards for plastering

Materials/Documents:  U2 S8 – Session Plan

Training Time: 4 hours