U5 – Finishes

U5 – Session 2:
Direct Plaster Practice
Wall Preparation



Trainees are …

  • able to organize building site, materials and tools
  • aware of health and safety in relation to other workers, building site, machinery, equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • able to prepare the surface of the wall and junctions between materials to receive clay or lime plaster


  • practical exercises at a workshop or building site, together with relevant theory


  • specific preparations related to building services (electrical, heating, water and waste water installation)


  • Exercise to prepare the strawbale wall substrate including:
    • Fill the gaps and achieve a homogeneous wall to ensure airtightness.
    • Cut the surface of the straw to required evenness.
    • Sweep it or, if possible, clean it with compressed air.
    • To bridge junctions between different materials using hessian, reed and/or mesh.
    • To provide a key on a smooth surface.
    • To assemble technical details like corner protection, angles, airtightness tape, etc.
    • To protect elements from plastering spills.

Materials/Documents: U5 S2 – Session Plan

Training Time: 1 day