U5 – Finishes

U5 – Session 10:
Cladding Practice

Trainees are able to …

  • be aware of health and safety in relation to other workers, building site, machinery, equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • organize building site for cladding.
  • use various materials for cladding using suitable installation.
  • use tools and equipment for fast and safe application.
  • install cladding support maintaining the qualities of the wall structure.
  • install cladding construction with the required functions like ventilation, insect prevention, conservation, etc.
  • coordinate working partners on building site.
  • choose the most efficient and proven methods of applying cladding


  • practical exercises at a workshop or building site together with theoretical support


  • different technical systems and range of options for:
    • ventilation and water drainage
    • weather protection
    • mounting systems
    • fire protection (along elevation)
    • wind tightness (outside)
    • different materials for protection against animals/insects
    • design
  • structural function and physics of different ways of planking and barriers and knowledge about how they are applied on supporting construction properly
  • how the wall must be prepared for the application of different cladding materials
  • the appropriate conservation methods for the different cladding materials.


  • check if the support is ready for cladding application
  • apply different types of barriers and planking materials
  • check good execution to guarantee fire protection, air tightness, water proof, and rodents and insects protection
  • group discussion about comparing the different solutions for most efficient and proven methods.

Materials/Documents: U5 S10 – Session Plan

Info Sheets:
Supporting Construction
Ventilation Provisions
Massive Wood Cladding

Training Time: 1 day