U4 – Wrapping Units/Module

U4 – Wrapping
(exterior thermal insulation)


Trainees know …

  • wrapping and retrofitting, the different methods and techniques.
  • about requirements for wrapping technique. i.e.: existing walls must be sound and dry, bales lifted from ground (for example on insulated plinth wall), sufficient roof overhang, window detailing (light, airtightness, thermal bridges, weather detailing…) [Level 4]
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different wrapping methods and techniques.
  • the tools and machines used in the straw bale construction sites.
  • the possible dangers, the safe working practices, accident prevention regulations and security data sheets.
  • the specific straw bale requests on storing, logistics and knows how to protect the bales and the construction under different weather conditions.
  • how to read and implement plans for wrapping and retrofitting.
  • the great importance of good quality of straw bales.
  • how to adjust the bales to the required size and shape.
  • different fixing methods and its characteristics methods of compressing.
  • how to fill the gaps between the bales and how to prepare the exterior surface for plastering, cladding, etc.
  • have knowledge about the timetable linked with the costs. [Level 4]
  • how to describe the structural link and detailing between wrapping and existing wall to guarantee a lasting airtight compound between structure and wrapping


Trainees can …

  • check the condition of the existing construction. [Level 4]
  • handle the tools and machines which are used in the straw bale construction.
  • estimate the dangers linked with it and can avoid it.
  • tune the available danger regulations with the other partners (planner, developers, self builders etc.) in a way that the building site is safe.
  • apply the different wrapping and retrofitting methods.
  • resize and fix the bales and can make a solid wall by filling gaps.
  • make a time table and organize the work routines. [Level 4]
  • basic carpentry skills to make additional wooden construction.
  • make the plinth wall and the other details or to give the order to others to do it. [Level 4]


Trainees can …

  • agree with all partners in a way that the building site is safe.
  • organize the work on straw bale building site for wrapping and retrofitting and can integrate it with suitable work routines, tools and techniques. [Level 4]
  • explain different ways of wrapping and retrofitting and is able to select a suitable method for a specific situation and based on the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. [Level 4]
  • inspect and select good quality bales for wrapping and retrofitting. Trainee can control the general quality of the bales and realized constructions during the whole building process. [Level 4]
  • make the plinth wall, the other details and the airtightness or to give the order to other to do it.

U4 Learning Outcome – Level 3 | ECVET credit points: 25
U4 Learning Outcome – Level 4 | ECVET credit points: 20

U4 Session 1: Design and Planning 6 hours
U4 Session 2: Construction 2 days
U4 Session 3: Tools and Building Site 1 day

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