U1 – Introduction

U1 – Session 3:
Customizing Straw Bales

straw bale dividing with clambs


  • health and safety regulations ( fire hazard, dust, slipping)
  • how to handle, divide and shape straw bales
  • appropriate tools
  • advantages and disadvantages of different types of twine
  • appropriate ways of tying straw bales (knots)


  • testing and customizing straw bales


  • plan the supply of materials
  • use the bale in the correct orientation
  • measure the bales
  • adjust the shape of the bale and square off the ends
  • divide and restring the bale
  • cut and notch the bale
  • calculate the density of bale
  • assess moisture in the bale of straw
  • work with the cut and folded side of the bale
  • use the tools for handling and transforming straw bales
  • keep the bales dry and well ventilated during storage

Materials/Documents:  U1 S3 – Session Plan

Training Time: 1 day