U1 – Introduction

U1 – Session 2:
Straw Talk

Knowledge of …

  • various types of straw
  • properties of a good construction bale (moisture, direction of fibres, dimensions, density)
  • about the production techniques of straw bales
  • health and safety regulations ( fire hazard, dust, slipping)
  • recommendations for the farmer in the production of good quality and good bales
  • storage: keep the bales dry and well ventilated
  • health/allergy


  • lecture/talk
  • power point
  • working group


  • impurity: other plants or stones inside
  • quality control
  • handling the bales: to preserve the good shape
  • properties in different directions
  • insulation value
  • vapour resistance
  • requirements for good building straw bales
  • baling machines
    • maintenance of machine
    • different kinds of harvesting and baling machines
    • good use of regulation of machine
    • different twines

Materials/Documents:  U1 S2 – Session Plan

Training Time: 4 hours