U5 – Finishes

U5 – Session 9:
Cladding Theory

Trainees are able to …

  • explain the basic functions of cladding
  • explain various methods and materials for cladding, work out advantages and disadvantages of each and can address important concerns of the methods
  • explain several types of cladding


  • lecture/talk
  • explanation
  • group work on prepared samples (in workshop)
  • presentation of results of groups


  • different functions of cladding:
    • fire protection
    • weather proofing
    • water shedding
    • wind tightness (outside)
    • ventilation provisions
    • humidity regulation
    • permeable qualities in relation to humidity (liquid, gas)
    • structural performance
    • rodents and insects protection
    • design and decoration
    • acoustic performance
    • electromagnetic waves radiation performance
  • structural function and physics of different ways of mounting systems, barriers and planking and know how they are applied to construction properly
  • the different materials for cladding and how they are selected, based on the defined requirement
  • the most efficient and proven methods of applying, conserving and maintaining cladding systems
  • how to ensure windtight layers are not compromised by junctions, fixings or building service penetrations
  • understand documents and drawings explaining the application of claddings
  • organize building site, check condition of scaffolding, materials and tools according to the topic
  • calculate the quantities of materials needed

Materials/Documents: U5 S9 – Session Plan

Training Time: 1 day