U5 – Finishes

U5 – Session 3:
Direct Plaster Practice
Clay Mix Preparation



Trainees are …

  • able to organize building site, materials and tools
  • aware of health and safety, in relation to other workers, building site, machinery, equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • able to prepare clay samples for the several different layers
  • able to choose the appropriate mixture from the samples
  • able to prepare clay mixtures for the several different layers


  • practical exercises at a workshop or building site together with theoretical support


  • different materials that compose a mixture and how they interact


  • Exercises:
    • carry out experiments to test quality of the clay soil
    • prepare different plaster mixture: preparing a panel of samples with different ratios of clay, aggregate and fibre
    • assess the samples for resistance to abrasion, cracking and general durability

Materials/Documents: U5 S3 – Session Plan

Training Time: 1 day