U2 – Infill and Prefabrication

U2 – Session 4:
Infill Constructions (SSS)

Trainees …

  • know the infill contruction techniques
  • know different structural options
  • know the dis-/advantatges of every solution
    Are aware of health and safety issues related to coworkers,
    building site, machinery, equipment, PPE
    (personal protective equipment) and the issues specific
    to work with straw and straw bales.
  • can organize building sites at all stages (i.e.: take
    responsibility to leave the building site rain- and
    windproof, keep strawstacks fire protected, remove loose
    straw after work,…)
    can take responsibility for the requirements of straw
    building in a “normal” building routine
  • know the details (window, roof junction,… ) for infill
    contruction techniques


  • practical training, supervising training work


  • different structural options of infill construction
    techniques and their characteristics and bale
  • fixing bales with different techniques
  • compressing bales with different systems
  • advantages and disadvantages of infill construction
  • details of connections: foundation, corners, windows and
    doors, roof, etc.
  • preparing different surfaces for plastering
  • viewing and study of existing building samples


  • working groups
  • preparing wooden frames and structures
  • infill straw bales in standing position (“on edge”)
  • compress the bales with different techniques
  • fixing the bales in the construction
  • airtight/windproof installation of a window
  • shaving the bales, if necessary
  • preparing bales/boards for plastering

Materials/Documents: U2 S4 – Session Plan

Training Time: 2 days