U2 – Infill and Prefabrication

U2 – Session 2:
Construction Systems

Trainees …

  • understand and are able to explain the three general different construction options of
    • direct-plastering (loadbearing and hybrid, NSS)
    • planking on one side (hybrid, NSS)
    • planking on both sides (infill, SSS)
  • understand the needs for weather-protection, airtight and
    windproof construction and moisture prevention
  • know the general low-energy and passive house principles
  • know and are able to explain the dis-/advantages of the
    different techniques according to the needs, budget, safety and
    the building law


  • presentation, lecture
  • practical training
  • supervising training work


  • different structural options of infill and prefabrication
    and their characteristics and bale requirements
  • fixing bales in different techniques
  • compressing bales in different systems
  • advantages and disadvantages of infill and
    prefabrication techniques
  • details of connections: foundation, corners, windows
    and doors, roof, etc.
  • preparing different surfaces for plastering


  • working groups with 3–4 participants
  • preparing the wood frame
  • infill straw bales in standing position (“on edge”)
  • compress the bales with different techniques
  • fixing the bales in the construction
  • airtight/windproof installation of a window
  • shaving the bales, if necessary
  • preparing bales/boards for plastering

Materials/Documents:  U2 S2 – Session Plan

Training Time: 2 days