U3 – Load Bearing

U3 – Session 2:


  • know different structural options for load-bearing construction and their characteristics and bale requirements
  • know how to fix the bales, to stabilize the system and all the different techniques
  • know different options for compressing the bales
  • know details for how to connect with other building elements; foundations, corners, windows, doors, roof, etc.
  • know how to prepare different surfaces for plastering


  • to build with load-bearing straw bales
  • to use different compression and fixing techniques
  • to organize and do the work within the schedule
  • to execute good connection details
  • to maintain integrity of the insulation
  • to prepare different surfaces for plastering


  • practice load-bearing construction


  • different structural options for load-bearing, their characteristics and bale requirements
    fixing the bales, and different techniques
  • compressing bales within different systems
  • advantages and disadvantages of loadbearing construction
  • details of connections: foundation, corners, windows and doors, roof, etc.
  • preparing different surfaces for plastering


  • study and develop a case-study, comparing the results with other trainees

Materials/Documents: U3 S2 – Session Plan

Training Time: 18 hours